What is a construction consultant | What is civil engineering and construction consultants

In short, it is the work of producing social infrastructure services from the aspects of planning, research and design work.
Produces environmental facilities indispensable for daily life such as water, electricity, and roads. In other words, when a country or local government has problems with social infrastructure services, it is the job of civil engineering and construction consultants to solve them.

We do not carry out construction directly, but we investigate what kind of problem there is and design for a plan to solve the problem. The actual implementation will be for general contractors, but coordination is essential.

Even if the implementation is completed, it is a civil engineering/construction consultant sales work including the subsequent maintenance inspection, so it will be a long-term plan.

The workflow of civil engineering and construction consultants

1. Social infrastructure service problems such as the aging of water pipes occurred.
2. The government decides the budget and asks a civil engineering/construction consulting company to investigate and plan
3. A civil engineering/construction consulting company responds to the needs of the government and creates a survey/plan.
4). The government supervises the design based on the survey results
5). Designed by a civil engineering and construction consulting company
6). The country requests construction from a general contractor (it will be a bid)
7. Construction of a contracted general contractor begins
8). After the construction is completed, the civil engineering/construction consulting company and the general contractor will conduct maintenance and management.

In this way, it plays an important role because it is involved from the initial planning stage. Even if you don't actually do the work, it is necessary to design according to your budget, and the responsibility is serious because of it can be a serious problem later if the survey is wrong or the plan is wrong.

The appeal of civil engineering and construction consultant sales

It is an important job that supports people's lives. It plays an important role in connecting social capital to the future, and it is a rewarding job. Civil engineering and construction consultant sales do not have finished products or their own products. This is a job that proposes solutions to problems faced by national and local governments.

The maintenance of social infrastructure facilities is required as the region is steadily declining. Japan has developed rapidly during the period of high growth, but now it has the problem of aging.

Although it does not create a specific product, it is like a “bridge” that provides information to those who need it while constantly incorporating knowledge of new technologies. You will find it very rewarding when you understand your needs, address various problems in your country and local government and make full use of the information you have.

Recently, problems such as earth and sand disasters accompanying natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons have frequently occurred. There is a limited budget in the region and there is a need to create a strong region that can cope with disasters even with a small budget.

Anyone who can afford it may be able to do it, but Japan does not have it. That is why people who work efficiently and have a wide range of knowledge are required.

Although work is hard, it is one of the attractions of this work that it can enrich people's lives and become powerful under the edge even if it is not visible.

Because someone is doing it, water comes out of the faucet and electricity is turned on with one switch. Supporting social infrastructure, there are things that can only be done by the private sector that the country cannot do. Such a person who wants to be useful to society may be in this job.

Qualifications for civil engineering and construction consultant sales

A list of jobs that are useful in civil engineering and construction consultant sales.

・ Engineer (→ Click here for details )  

・ Construction management engineer (architecture, civil engineering, electrical work) (→ Click here for details )
・ Pipe construction engineer (qualification specialized in piping) (→ Click here for details )
・ First-class architect (→ Click here for details )
・ Survey (→ Click here for details )
・ RCCM (→ Click here for details )

Since there are many construction-related jobs, it is better to keep the qualifications related to construction management. Although all are up to the first grade, first grade is difficult, so let's aim at the second grade first.

Acquiring qualifications while working are difficult, but it is recommended that you study in gaps, such as commuting hours and lunch breaks, and acquire qualifications in a short-term intensive manner.

Also, once you take it, there is no need to renew it, so let's get a qualification early in that sense.

The average annual income of civil engineering and construction consultant sales

The average annual income of civil engineering and construction consulting business is about 6.32 million University graduates tend to earn more than high school and junior college graduates.

Larger construction consultants have a higher average annual income than SME construction consultants. If you are aiming for an annual income of 10 million yen in this job, entering the major general contractor is the best shortcut.


Civil engineering and construction consultant sales may seem easier than the actual site work. However, in reality, it is not easy to repeat a simple job.

Still, it is a necessary work to enrich people's lives. Without this work, the country alone cannot support social infrastructure smoothly. It is indispensable to the world and is a very important job to support the country.

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