What kind of study is architecture, civil engineering, and environmental engineering in the world?

What is Architecture engineering?what is architecture and town planning? 

 What is Architectural 

Architectural / Civil Engineering / Environmental Engineering is a study on buildings and buildings such as houses and buildings, civil engineering works such as roads, and urban environment (improvement and improvement of public facilities and public facilities that form the basis of our lives). It is academic. Learn about creating an environment where people can live their social life with peace of mind. In recent years, research on urban planning that is resistant to earthquakes and other disasters, countermeasures against sick houses (indoor air pollution), and barrier-free architecture has attracted attention.

What do you study in architecture, civil engineering, and environmental engineering?

Architectural studies: We conduct a wide range of research from the design and construction of houses and facilities to urban development plans. Students learn comprehensively about the flow of architectural culture around the world and the design of buildings from the viewpoint of the structure and materials of buildings, construction methods, etc.
Civil engineeringResearch on urban lifelines (roads, bridges, water, and sewage, etc.) and disaster prevention measures, taking into account topography and existing buildings.

Environmental engineering: Pursuing the coexistence of living and the natural environment, such as eco-houses that use natural energy such as sunlight, and researching the creation of houses and towns where people can live safely and safely both physically and mentally...

Depending on the university, there are many subject names that narrow the scope of research, so if you are clear about the field of study that you want to learn, you should check the name of the department, the field of expertise of the professor, the contents of the seminar, etc. It will be.

Lectures on architecture, civil engineering, and environmental engineering

 I will explain the architecture here. First, students take courses such as basic structural mechanics, structural design, and construction methods that match the actual architecture. Other courses include environmental engineering, urban planning, and architectural history. In particular, “design drafting” is regarded as an important subject in any university as a subject that makes full use of these specialized subjects. In the design and drafting class, students make plans for various buildings, from basic to hospitals and hotels, and make drawings and models based on them to grasp the actual architectural image.

 lectures on architecture, civil engineering, and environmental engineering?

After graduation, many people find employment at any construction company. There are also other people who work for:
Architectural studies: There are people who get a job at a design office and then become independent as an architect.
Civil engineering: Employed by railway companies and consulting companies, engaged in projects such as urban development and infrastructure development, and also worked in government offices as technical positions.
Environmental engineering: In addition to environmental companies, he worked for research companies, think tanks, government offices, and environmental facilities.
Some also go on to graduate school for further research.
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