What is Difference between area and volume and how can find it |What is Difference between Volume and Area and how can find it

surface area and volume? 

Surface area is the sum of the areas of all the faces of the solid figure. It is measured in square units
Volume is the number of cubic units that make up a solid figure

Different between area and volume?
The volume once you say simply, by steric size, the unit is And Is used.
You will learn how to determine the volume of a cube or cuboid at the beginning of the unit of volume.
Think of it as a unit to use at that time.
On the other hand, there are various units used when measuring liquids such as water and milk. like volume and The sometimes also use, and the often seen daily life And Is not it.
The milk cartons 
I think that it is written. other dishes sometimes used.
The unit to be used is somehow decided to depend on the scene, but when 
 the unit of liquid It's not useless.
In that sense, 
Or I think that it can be considered as a unit of volume.
Or Is a liquid that is often used in daily life, and there is no use for gas.
In chemistry, 
It has become.
There is a tendency to use which units, so it would be good if you can learn them while touching them in everyday life.
I don't think I need to think about something too hard.
For example, The Or convert the unit to The I think that the unit may be changed.
What you want to remember is 
If you remember all this, you will not have any trouble when changing units.

Volume, volume, and bulk difference
There are words like volume, volume and bulk that are very similar.
If you think that volume is the size of a solid, I think it is perfect.
There are words like bulk and volume that are very similar.
I think that volume and bulk are the same.
I think that the volume will be perfect if you think that it is the amount that you can put things in the container, that is, the size and size of the space where you can put things.
The refrigerator is a familiar item.
The bigger the refrigerator, the more you can put in it.
When it comes to arithmetic problems, we often see problems related to the aquarium, but the amount of water entering the aquarium is also volume.
The difficult part is that even if you ask "How much water enters the tank?", You can say "How much water enters the tank?"
Both volume and bulk indicate the size of the object itself, so it can be said that thinking is the same regardless of which you hear.
However, the volume refers to the size of the space in which things enter, so it cannot be said to be the “volume of water”.
Speaking of “volume of water”, it becomes like how much space there is in the water.
From that point of view, I think it would be good to consider that only the volume has a special meaning.
However, in most cases, you don't have to think about the meaning of words in detail.
Thinking about the differences can cause unnecessary confusion for your child.
Even if you can't distinguish a lot, you have never seen a child troubled there.
If your child is interested, you should know it trivially.
By the way, I knew the difference when I became an adult.


In this article, I wrote about the meaning of volume and the word volume and bulk.
Simply speaking the meaning of volume means the size of a solid.
In units, And Is used.
This is the unit to use when asked about the volume of a cube or cuboid.
Other Or The unit such as may be used. 2)
I think that volume and bulk have the same meaning.
Is the volume an image of the amount that can be contained in a hollow space?
When you think about it, it is difficult to properly use volume, volume, and bulk.
However, it may be okay to use any language, so I think you shouldn't be too nervous.

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